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Axanthic granite jag!

by Eric Burke on 07/21/14

This season has brought us some really cool worlds first designer carpet pythons but the Axanthic granite jag is one of the coolest. I believe it takes carpet pythons to another level. We would like to congratulate Oli from Precision Reptiles for producing such a beautiful snake.

This morph is a cross of Morelia spilota mcdowelli and Morelia spilota harrisoni. The granite and axanthic are recessive genes and the jag is a co-dominant gene.
We look forward to seeing how this one progresses. Be sure to give Precision Reptiles' Facebook page a like so you can follow all of the cool carpet pythons they're hatching out. 

All photos by Precision Reptiles
 photo axanthicgranitejaghatching_zps119d5f64.jpg  photo axanthicgranitejagafter1stshed_zpsd08c7964.jpg  photo axanthicgranitejag-Oli_zps97644997.jpg