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2016 Southern Carpet Fest.

by Eric Burke on 05/02/16

Another southern carpet fest has come to a close. It was a great time, with great food and most importantly, great people and that really is what carpet fest is all about. When we had the first NE carpet fest in 2012, we had no idea that it would bloom into different chapters all over the US.
We traveled all the way from Philadelphia down to Dallas, Texas.
A huge thanks goes out to Bill Stegall for hosting the event. 
Evan Browder for putting it together and Austin Warrick for the awesome shirt design. 

 photo 12919830_1752843344927116_1499995836103253358_n_zpsrcxoept6.jpg

 photo IMG_1094_zpslwyodebv.jpg
 photo IMG_1095_zpsmyfehqad.jpg Matt Morris and Shane Dobson provided excellent Texas BBQ. They put a lot of work into that day and it was much appreciated.  photo 13140585_892112734230636_207791084_n_zps2zampsal.jpg

I think the biggest take away from an event like this is meeting the people of the reptile community. Some are new and some are old, but the community is one of the most important parts of our hobby.
I was able to have in depth conversations with multiple people and really get to know them on a different level. 

 photo 13083373_592088364298830_6316845711530440046_n_zpsw30ie6ah.jpg

And no carpet fest is complete without a tour of the reptile room. Bill has some amazing snakes.
 photo 13115471_892112697563973_340792906_n_zpsqx7mkkj4.jpg

 photo IMG_0266_zpsejldotre.jpg
 photo IMG_0269_zpsqqm2brhk.jpg
 photo IMG_0283_zpsk14u3dgc.jpg
 photo IMG_0278_zpslelumj9k.jpg
 photo IMG_0272_zpspkkcxvsi.jpg

Rough scales were a favorite!
 photo 13119069_476477962552600_2498815370144097055_n_zpsm9x6iqaf.jpg  photo 13115558_892112544230655_1385013185_n_zpsn1aqoftx.jpg  photo 13094178_592089007632099_2217164352932025663_n_zpsgqkkoukn.jpg  photo 13115733_892112554230654_825171583_n_zpspcanjhln.jpg  photo 13101313_892112687563974_1328569178_n_zpsbqohaxrm.jpg  photo 13124984_592089010965432_2935393141273428974_n_zpsgeigvoqv.jpg  photo 13124566_592088974298769_2517102173166161258_n_zpsjyforzph.jpg  photo 13152763_892114707563772_925389302_n_zpsdkltcxd7.jpg

The carpandro's and Owen didn't see eye to eye. I think he would have rather have been bit.

 photo 13115778_892112674230642_362322490_n_zpsrb17cojb.jpg

A long, hard battle was fought against the margarita machine.  photo 13152718_892112627563980_1876523671_n_zpsov9thbzh.jpg ........and the margarita machine won!  photo 13100770_592087827632217_3848362909629647221_n_zpsmxh67oqf.jpg 
There was also other snakes besides morelia.  photo 13115586_892112710897305_1229238166_n_zpscatl5c1j.jpg  photo 13101138_892112530897323_1962166530_n_zpssfisskzc.jpg  photo 13091886_592089070965426_5679813655614837837_n_zpstwyzau1r.jpg photo 13102900_592088474298819_2529856686012461031_n_zpslmy9ng1k.jpg

If your someone that is into reptiles and have thought about going to events like this, it really is worth the trip. The relationships you make are priceless. 

The 2016 North East Carpet fest T-shirt booster is live!

by Eric Burke on 04/12/16

As with every year we are selling NE Carpet fest T-shirts in order to raise money for USARK in their continued fight to stop legislation restricting the ownership of certain boas, pythons and other reptiles in the U.S.  That is why MPR has chosen them once again to be the recipients of the funds raised by both t shirt sales and auction this year. So everyone grab a really cool shirt show love and support for both MPR and USARK.

 photo CarpetFest-2016-Cover-Photo_zpsdxtqcqbx.png

4 years of doing Morelia Python Radio.

by Eric Burke on 10/05/15

As Morelia Python Radio gets ready to celebrate it's 4 year on the air, Owen James McIntyre and I just want to give a big thanks to the breeders and keepers that have come on the show and shared their passions for the greatest pythons around......
MORELIA!!! Can I get an amen..can i get a hell yeah!
We also want to shout out the fans. All of you is why we do it. We have always taken the role of 2 guys talking to some of the best morelia keepers and breeders in the world(and sometimes some morelia etc.). 
We are trying to get people to see past the misconceptions about morelia, weather it is carpet pythons or chondros, scrubs or boelens, and to see that these are some of the most amazing snakes that you can keep.
There is a lot of people still not quite sure what this whole morelia thing is all about and our mission is to change that.
I want to thank, what I call the inner circle of MPR, the people that inspire me, the people that ignite that passion when the fire dies down. You all know who you are cause I talk to you daily. Zach Baez,Matt Minetola,Rob Stone,Chris Salemi and a few others.
I would like to personally thank Owen for joining me on this crazy journey and giving up his Tuesday nights for the last 4 years. He is an awesome guy and he is always keeping me laughing. I can hear him now, "For the love of God, stop being all sentimental" lol. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
In a way the next 2 guys were responsible for what led to MPR.
There the 2 people that first really got me into Morelia.
Thanks to Jason Baylin for selling me my first carpet python. You really took the time to talk to me at my first Hamburg back in '08. I walked around the show looking for a snake to buy and Jason took the time to tell me about, what I thought was the coolest looking snake around, the tiger carpet.
I would have to give a big thanks to my good friend and someone that has guided me through this whole morelia thing, Nick Mutton. He has been a mentor to me even though he has to call me 6x's before I call him back. lol....Hey man, cut me some slack I work 70 hours a week! 
I will be out to that NW carpet fest next year but I am sure we will hang out before that on the first MPR trip to Australia wink emoticon......for the ultimate carpet fest!
I think I have learned a lot over the past 4 years and the biggest take away has always been this is supposed to be fun, exciting and introduces you to people that you probably would have never crossed paths with. 
Really awesome people. 
I know our community has had its ups and downs this past year but let us not lose sight to what got most of us into to this in the first place.......
simply put......Morelia, there the best pythons around........and there is still so much to do. I think the key to the future success is not to focus on the negative but the positive. Promote these beautiful creatures that are produced buy awesome people! We have to get this message out to people that maybe never heard of a carpet python or a chondro or thought that they could never own one.
It's been an awesome 4 years of podcasts, carpet rows and carpet fests and we look forward to many more!
I know this is a bit long winded, as sometimes my "rants" can be but I really wanted to thank you all, for all that you have done for me to help ignite that passion in the next generation of Morelia heads!
If your at the NARBC in Tinley this weekend stop on by carpet row and say hello. We'd love to meet you.

This week in Morelia.

by Eric Burke on 09/21/15

In episode #215 we are joined by Steve Katz from SBK Reptiles.

We will discussing Steve's approach to keeping and breeding carpet pythons. You can check out his website here:
Here is a link to the episode:

The Northwest Carpetfest is right around the corner. It is on October 3rd in Seattle, WA. 
Check out the Facebook group page for more details: NW Carpetfest

The Southeast carpetfest is doing a booster with the proceeds going to USARK. 
Please buy a shirt and help support the cause. 
The date for the Southeast carpetfest is November 7 @ 2 PM in Eustis,Florida.
You can check out there Facebook page @ Southeast carpetfest.

For general carpetfest info you can visit the Facebook page @ Carpetfest
or check out the website @

We are so happy to see these morelia gatherings popping up all around the U.S. and hope to have one where we all come together. One of the best things about our community is just that, our community.

Its that time again!!!! Booster to fund USARK.....BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND....MPR logo T-shirt get them while they last. If you are an international customers please contact Owen McIntyre or Eric Burke to set up a shirt purchase

Last but not least, if your going to be in the Chicago area on October 10th and 11th please stop by the NARBC show in Tinley Park. We will be at Carpet Row. So come hang out and check out some of the nicest carpets with some of the coolest carpet python breeders in the business. 

Morelia Python Radio- MPR
Jason Baylin- East coast Serpents
Howard Redding -Redding Reptile Breeders
Julie from GFX Morelia, 
Chris Rindells from Headhunter Reptiles (He will be hanging out but he will not have a table)

Also, if your into the Borneos and Bloods be sure to check out 

And if your not able to attend the NARBC show and your looking to get a carpet python then be sure to check out the-
A classifieds page for morelia pythons where the ads are posted exclusively by the breeders of the snakes themselves.If you produced the morelia, hatched it, and currently care for it, feel free to put up an ad. Ads are not pre-screened but if we see an ad that doesn't fit the above criteria we will take it down. Its always best to buy breeder direct!

Carpets Rule!

Northwest carpet fest.

by Eric Burke on 09/18/15

Hey folks, NW Carpet Fest is right around the corner on October 3rd!
As it was last year, the event will be held at the home of the gracious Mr Douglas Taylor in Lynnwood (~ 20 minutes north of downtown Seattle).
All Morelia geeks are welcome. This event is designed for folks to get together and share their mutual passion for Morelia. It is NOT designed to be a show, sales event, or show-and-tell with personal animals, so please leave your pythons at home.
We will also have an auction with proceeds to benefit USARK. To date, we have had very generous donations that will be up for electronic auction starting 9/25 on the NW Carpet Fest facebook page and closing at midnight on 10/2, to open again only during in-person bidding at the event itself. All people with winning bids will be responsible for shipping charges. So far, we have gift certificates for:
$250 from Phoenix Reptiles (Mr Bill Stegall)
$200 from Dr Justin Julander
$200 from Mr Nick Mutton
$200 from Mr Chris Koeppel
One voucher to choose a 2015 IJ from Evergreen Exotics (Ms Emily Stoddard)
$200 from Rogue Reptiles (Mr Owen McIntyre)
$200 from EB Morelia (Mr Eric Burke)
Questions? Please let me (Aimee) know! It’s going to be a good time.

MPR shirts supporting USARK.

by Eric Burke on 09/15/15

Its that time again!!!! Booster to fund USARK.....BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND....MPR logo T-shirt get them while they last. If you are an international customers please contact Owen McIntyre or Eric Burke to set up a shirt purchase

Reptile auctions.

by Eric Burke on 06/23/15

Reptile auctions, especially for carpet pythons, seem to be a hot button issue as of late. I would say that there are certain circumstances where auctions are a good thing. For instance, when your trying to raise money for something or someone. Examples would be what we have done at carpet fest to help raise funds for USARK and Rico Walder. 
I would also agree with what the NARBC does with their auction or the auction that is currently going on for the remainder of Rico's animals. I think the hope is that the animals will go for a higher price then the current retail value. Basically you're donating to a cause and  as an added bonus you get a cool animal.
I think people look at auctions as a way for people to get rid of animals that they thought would just blow out. If you put an animal without a reserve you have a "guaranteed" sale. 
Breeders need to know that you can't just put 2 snakes together and think that people will just beat down your door to buy them, especially with morelia. People want to know what is in the snake, is it a pure line or has it been crossed? They are going to want to see pics of the parents and the lineage. 
I have heard the argument that auctions are a way for lower tier breeders to be able to sell their snakes because they can't compete with higher tier breeders. Here is a couple thoughts on that point. 
  • The higher tier breeders weren't always the higher tier breeders. They had to put the work in to get to that level. 
  • If you had a choice between buying from a known breeder or a new guy that you never heard of, where would you buy your animals from? 
  • Do something different then what everyone else is doing. Stand out! Don't buy all your snakes from one breeder or you will be just copying the breeding's that they are doing and how do you think you'll be able to compete with the guy that started or refined a project, There are so many directions that you can take your pairings in.
  • Do what you like and not what the current trend is. Be a trend setter not a trend follower because by the time your pair is ready to breed the trend maybe different.
Here is a thought.....What happened to the days where you were waiting from a specific pairing of carpets, ones that you drooled over on MP. You had hoped that you could possibly get on the list to even have a shot at getting some of the offspring. You newer people may not remember Luke Snell. He had the most amazing IJ's around and he did specific pairings for specific results and people all wanted IJ's from him. How about Jason Baylin's red coastals or tigers or how about Headhunter jungles, Mo with her Jungle jags, Nick Mutton's ivories, Michael Pennell's coastals or maybe John Battaglia's gamma line jags just to name a few. Take a look at there animals and tell me they should be on an auction? Crazy! I read this on Face book and it drives the point home "If your animal was worth buying it would get your asking price rather than playing wheel of fortune with its value" (Lon Deixler)
Why would they never be on an auction because those breeders bred only the best animals together. They sell out simply because of 2 things. 
  1. they make incredible snakes. 
  2. Two, because they did what they wanted to do and didn't follow trends or worry what someone else was doing. 
I guess what I am saying is that it seems that currently I don't see a lot that anymore. I see a few doing that type of thing Howard Redding with his jungle projects is someone that comes to mind currently. 
Personally, I could have easily made about 20-30 clutches of carpets but I didn't because I am not prepared to sit on that many babies and I am not going to put morph carpets together simply to do it I follow the rule that I breed for me first. 
So maybe where at a point where we feel this need to have auctions because people thought they would just put carpet A with carpet B and people will line up to buy them.........WRONG. People won't pay high $'s for sub par animals. So now they are stuck with sub-grade carpets that nobody lets do an auction. Maybe, we should spend more time trying to grow the carpet python family and breed only the best carpets together. 

2015 carpet fest t shirts available.

by Eric Burke on 03/11/15

Its that time of year a again, Carpet fest time. and for the 4th annual carpet fest we have decided to raise t shirt funds and auction funds to help out USARK

As many of you know the US fish and wildlife just finalized the "constrictor rule" which bans the sale and movement of burmese pythons, indian pythons, green and yellow anaconda, African rock pythons, and reticulated pythons across state lines and added them to the Lacey act. We have been told the next step in reversing this ruling is to sue the government. USARK needs all the help and support it can get at this time. That is why MPR has chosen them once again to be the recipients of the funds raised by both t shirt sales and auction this year. So everyone grab a really cool shirt show love and support for both MPR and USARK. 

*if you live outside the US please contact MPR host Owen McIntyre on facebook or email us at to learn how to get a shirt. 

 photo carpet fest 2015_zpsed5zsk4x.jpg

Special show time for 02/03/15

by Eric Burke on 02/03/15

Hello MPR fans! For this weeks episode we will be airing at a special time, due to the time change of our guest. If you want to listen in live then we will be airing at 6 PM EST. 

Jungle carpet pythons, US

by Eric Burke on 01/14/15

Into jungle carpets? Checkout the Facebook group of the week, 

The 2015 season of Morelia Python Radio begins tonight!

by Eric Burke on 01/06/15

Hello MPR fans! 

Tonight we are returning from our holiday break and we are pumped up more so than ever before!
We have some dynamite shows lined up for you with some awesome guests from all around the world that share our passion for pythons!
In the first episode Owen and I are going to ease back into it with a topic that often turns new people away from carpet pythons. What is it you say that would ever turn anyone away from these awesome creatures...........Well its the carpet complex in general. It can be very confusing for someone just getting into it. So if you're a newbie to carpets this will be the episode that pushes you over the cliff and head on into a full blown case of Morelia Addiction!
 We look forward to a great year and as always thanks for support.

2015 MPR calendar contest

by Eric Burke on 08/23/14

Its that time of year again everyone. The 2015 annual Morelia Python Radio calendar contest is underway.
We have added a new category this year, Miscellaneous pythons. We are hoping to give our listeners a chance to show off some of the other pythons that they keep.
We have moved it under on thread to make it easier to judge so please be sure to include the following when you post up your pics.

What category you are entering under 
And a short comment about the animal.

We also didn't have live animals to give away so everyone can enter and have a chance at winning.
We hope to have extra calendars for sale @ NARBC Tinley park so stop on by, pick one up and say hello to the MPR crew


1. Darwin
2. Coastal
3. Jungle
4. Inland
5. Diamond
6. Bredli
7. Irian jaya
8. Scrub
9. Boelens
10. Chondro
11. Rough scale
12. Miscellaneous python

Time frame

* Contest opens on 8/24 and runs until 9/13
* Contest closes at 9/12 11:59 PM EST.


* All entries must be posted on Mp .com
* You have to like the MPR FB page. Go here to like it.
* All entries must be your pic of a snake that you own. 
* All entries must be calendar quality pics. No tub shots. Think top notch quality. 
* All entries must be a minimum 225 dpi.


* 1st place- This is the best of the best. Out of the 12 that are chosen we will pick one to be the MPR Morelia of the year. 

* MPR trophey
* MPR calender
* MPR coffee mug 
* MPR Beer glass
* MPR T-shirt
* You will also get to return as the guest judge for the 2016 MPR calendar contest.

* 2nd place- This will be the runner up picked out of the 12 that are chosen.

* MPR calendar
* MPR T-shirt
* Your choice of MPR coffee mug or MPR beer glass

All other nominees will receive a MPR calendar.
All pics will be put up on's banner.

Thanks for your submission and good luck.
Follow this link to post up your pic.

How to Use Social Media to Cultivate an Audience by Robyn Markland

by Eric Burke on 08/19/14

Here is a list for some helpful tips that Robyn was suggesting  in this weeks edition of the Reptile Insider.

How to Use Social Media to Cultivate an Audience-

What to post on social media to promote your business:

-Favorite items from
-USARK updates and promos (support those that support you!)
-Thank you to our customers
-Facebook/Twitter milestones- "1000 Fans!",  "3000 Fans!",  "This item was Shared 400 times!"
-Business milestones- Years in business, new store, new breeding project, end of a breeding project
-Videos of animals/products
-Videos of/from customers/Fans
-Quotes about the season
-Testimonials from customers
-Pictures or quotes from customers/Thank you letters
-Pictures of/from customers
-Pictures of animals/products
-Links to products/Pages "We love the thermostats from @Reptile Basics, they work great for us!" "@Zoo Med products move really well in our store!" "All of our geckos eat the @Repashy/@Pangea diet!"
-Ask questions of your customers-- Likes/Dislikes
-Fill in the blank about something _________
-"How-To" videos
-Post about events in your store/business
-Holidays-- all annual holidays including support for Military holidays
-Sales going on 
-Community events
-Throwback Thursday-- "remember when" photos and questions (could be 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years)
-Flashback Fridays
-Post a photo and have a "caption this photo" contest
-Run a "Like this and win" contest (watch out for specific media platform rules or prohibitions)
-Run a "Share this and win" contest (watch out for specific media platform rules or prohibitions)
-Congratulations to other businesses, peers, people
-Charities you support
-Pictures/videos of staff or employees
-Seasonal changes-- breeding season, shipping season, trade show season, holidays
-Trade show updates-- attending, vending, new animals/products, specials, trade show feedback and photos
-Celebrations-- birthdays/anniversaries

2015 Carpet fest

by Eric Burke on 08/05/14

Now that both the NE and NW carpet fests have come and gone its time to start thinking about next year. First, We would like to thank Howard Redding, from Redding Reptile Breeders for hosting the last 3 NE carpet fest events. He opened up his home and dedicated a lot of his own time to help making what carpet fest was all about a reality. So with the thought that next year will be here before we know it, We thought it would be a good idea to start thinking about next year.

We will need a location and a host. Anyone who is interested in hosting the event please feel free to contact us @ 
We also need a date. Does May work for everyone? Is there a better date to allow more people to come and hang out with the Morelia family?

Also, feel free to post any ideas to make the event even more of a success.
Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you next year.
Eric and Owen?,
Morelia Python Radio.

Bloods and short tailed pythons invade Morelia Python Radio

by Eric Burke on 07/27/14

Recently, I had the chance to go to and check out a nice collection of blood and short tailed pythons. I was immediately hooked and I had to learn more about them. They give you a big python feel in a smaller python package and the colors on these snakes is truly amazing. 
I started researching and I was led to Nick Bottini from Cold Blooded Earth. His collection of these pythons was impressive. So in the next episode of  MPR we are joined by Nick Bottini from Cold Blooded Earth. Nick is a herpetologist at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC. 
We will be discussing everything you need to know about keeping and breeding these fantastic pythons. Nick will be discussing all of the cool projects that he is working on. If you have thought about getting into bloods and short tails then this is an episode you won't want to miss.
Also, in a new segment of The Reptile Insider, Robyn Markland will be joing us to discuss the pros and cons of Reptile auctions, other segments of the market, classifieds, Craigslist, local shows, national shows, swap meets.
Check out Nick's website

Here is the link to the show.
If you have any questions for Nick please email them to

 photo 10269491_10152327309416715_8084388664112394649_n_zps96fe3cfc.jpg

North West Carpet fest

by Eric Burke on 07/22/14

 This Saturday, 07/26 the west coast is going to try to out do the east coast at the 2nd annual North west carpet fest. If your in the area this is your chance to hang out some of the coolest carpet breeders in the US.

Be sure to check out the auction that is going on. Proceeds go 50/50 to Rico Walder and USARK (unless otherwise noted). 

ALERT! Your immediate action is needed!

by Eric Burke on 07/22/14

All comments must be submitted by 07/24/14. Let your voice be heard.
All Americans who appreciate their freedom to have pets should comment. This may only affect big snake keepers now, but any species could be the next target. The entire pet community is being picked apart as we are not supporting each other in protecting our freedoms. Support your pet and reptile community and comment today! Over 80 million American households have pets. Over five million of those have pet reptiles. There should be tens or hundreds of thousands of comments made against adding additional species to the Constrictor Rule. This needs to be shared! Below are Talking Points, comment links, mailing address, sample letter, FAQ and more. 
Please go to USARK and make submit your comments.

Axanthic granite jag!

by Eric Burke on 07/21/14

This season has brought us some really cool worlds first designer carpet pythons but the Axanthic granite jag is one of the coolest. I believe it takes carpet pythons to another level. We would like to congratulate Oli from Precision Reptiles for producing such a beautiful snake.

This morph is a cross of Morelia spilota mcdowelli and Morelia spilota harrisoni. The granite and axanthic are recessive genes and the jag is a co-dominant gene.
We look forward to seeing how this one progresses. Be sure to give Precision Reptiles' Facebook page a like so you can follow all of the cool carpet pythons they're hatching out. 

All photos by Precision Reptiles
 photo axanthicgranitejaghatching_zps119d5f64.jpg  photo axanthicgranitejagafter1stshed_zpsd08c7964.jpg  photo axanthicgranitejag-Oli_zps97644997.jpg